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ESL Class Schedule

Monday & Wednesday
9:00~10:30               Beginner       (Steve)
10:45~12:15             Intermediate (Steve)
1:15~2:45 pm           Advanced       (Steve)
7:00~8:30 pm           Beginner & Intermediate   (Linda)
8:00~9:30 pm           Men's class    (Steve)

Tuesday & Thursday
9:00~10:30               Intermediate (Carla)
10:45~12:15             Advanced        (Carla)
1:15~2:45 pm           Beginner          (Steve)

9:30~11:00 am         Mother's Class  -- Childcare Provided
11:10~12:40 am        Mother's Class -- Childcare Provided

11:00~12:40 am        Mother's Class -- Childcare Provided

ESL English Classes

For beginner, intermediate, advanced conversation
Twice per week (1.5 hr / day)
$40 per month, or $7 per lesson, $5 for registration

Mother's Class
Mother with children 0 up to 3 years
Thursday or Friday -- once per week
$36 per month
Class Schedule

Men's Class
Everyday life English on Monday 
God's way of successful life on Wednesday.
Monday & Wednesday (8:00 ~ 9:30 PM)
$40 per month

Women's Bible Study Class
For women who are interested to know more about real joy in life from the Bible
Tuesday (11:00 AM)

Private English Class
1:1 conversation (1 hour)
The schedule is made by you and the teacher.
$30 per hour

Other Classes And Activities

Women's Bible Study Class
Tuesday 11:00 am.
This class is for women who are interested to know more about real joy in life from Bible.
Children Okay

Men's Class
Monday & Wendsday 8:00~9:30 pm.
This class is everyday life English on Monday and God's way of successful life on Wednesday.

Church Class
Sunday Morning 11:00 am.
This class is about friendship with God and friendship with people.
After the class we have potluck lunch and relax together.
Child care provided.

Restaurant Club
A weekday lunch time.
This activity is to experience new restaurants in the Ann Arbor area.
Your husband/wife is welcome to come with you.
Each person pays for his own lunch.

Home Stay
Steve & Linda have openings for home stay in their home.
This can be one week or 1 year.
They have hosted many internationals in their home.
For details please email here.

Mother's class
The mother-child class is every Thursday or Firday morning 9:30 ~ 11:00 or 11:10~12:40.
Childcare for children 0 up to 3 years.
Class fee is $36 each month.
Limit 7 mothers in each class.
To register or for more information contact here.

Linda's Cooking Class - Traditional American Cooking
All classes each week have the same menu. There are two different menus each month
The Class usually has 4~8 students. Children are okay.
The cost for class is $35 per month for two class or $20 for one class.
For Register email here.

Private English Lesson
Some teachers are availiable for private tutoring.
The teacher and the student decide on the schedule.
The teacher decides the fee.
Please send email here for detail.

Previous students can register by email.
New students come to the school for a placement interview or email here to make appointment.
All classes are open for new students.

About Friendship Internationals

Steve and Linda started "Friendship International" in 1993 to help internationals with life in America.

We have many conversational English Classes, Cooking classes, and many other activities. We also have Bible studies and an Easy English church on Sundays.

If you are here from another country and need help with English or want to know about God, please contact us. We would love to help you! 

Before 1993 Steve and Linda were pastors at a traditional American church.

Now, our mission is to serve internationals.

You are welcome to visit us or register for any classes.

Steve Smith
Carla Williamson
Linda Smith

For Latest news check
Ann Arbor English Classes
2112 Ann Arbor-Saline Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103